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Born: Marilyn Llewelling on November 19, 1919 in Fort Worth, Texas, USA Died: March 25, 2007 (age 87) in West Palm Beach, Florida, USA After being seen as a very promising starlet her career really peaked in one year 1940 when she appeared in numerous B westerns mainly alongside Don Barry whose own career tailed off in the fifties into a supporting actor.

She had retired from the industry effectively from 1947.

Merrick Bremner (born 26 March 1986) is a South African professional golfer. He has four official victories on the Sunshine Tour: the 2014 BMG Classic and the 20 Lombard Insurance Classic, and the 2008 Telkom PGA Pro-Am.

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Bremner also plays on the European Tour where his best finish is T-3 at the 2014 D+D Real Czech Masters.

In yesterday's post, I suggested that an ingenious young man who had fashioned a pedi-sukkah might be the harbinger of a new age of peace and understanding along the Great Hipster Silk Route.

In the meantime, though, it seems we have far to go.

A reader has forwarded me the following photo, which indicates that the majority of observant Jews still prefer the greater sukkah-hauling capacity and bike lane-blocking ability of the rental truck: Few indignities sting more than that of having to circumvent a sukkah (or a "Jewish Gazebo" as the gentiles call them) while cycling, though it's still preferable to being flattened by a Mitzvah Tank.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday a number of readers took issue with one financial analyst's assertion that buying a $250 bicycle can somehow wind up costing you well over half a million dollars.

I would also agree that this is rather far-fetched (though admittedly less so if the bicycle in question is a fixed-gear).The truth is that bicycles can be a good investment.Even the most overpriced bicycle will depreciate far less than a car, which will hold its value for about as long as a bowl of egg salad.In fact, there's even opportunity for speculation in cycling.The Pista Dex aside, if in the mid-90s you bought an Aerospoke on sale from The Secret Website or a Spinergy Rev-X that somehow has not yet shattered or really any mediocre track or road component, you can now sell these items at a profit to fresh-faced hipsters eager to experience the excitement of late 20th century component failure firsthand.Furthermore, the opportunites continue to arise, even ITTET.

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