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Superherobox| caption=Adam Evanscharacter_name=Rubber-Band Manreal_name=Adam Evanspublisher=Warner Bros. Televisiondebut=(As villain) "They're Playing My Song" (Season one)(As hero) "Bad Stretch" (Season 2)creators=, and is both a rapper and a superhero with the power to bend and transform his body like elastic; he is also immune to electrical attacks, and this is particularily vexing for Static.

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Later, he escapes prison, becomes a successful musician under the alias Stringer, and begins dating Sharon Hawkins.

After his recklessness causes a fire at a show, Static exposes him.

However, due to Sharon's influence, Rubber-Band Man refrains from returning to his criminal ways, and instead becomes another superhero in Dakota, often aiding Static even if the two are often personally at odds.

Rubber-band Man's brother Ebon at one point attempted to frame him for crimes in an attempt to persuade him to join Ebon's gang, but Static exposed Ebon's plan.

He later gets a record deal with the help of and has difficulty with reading, although he is able to when he uses certain reading exercises he was taught.----Adam Evans/Rubber-Band Man (voiced by Kadeem Hardison) – A living and stretching mass, but retaining his human form, Adam can reshape himself into anything.

The alias he uses in one episode, "Stringer", is his real last name of his comic version, first used in Static #34.He was defeated by Static, and in the cartoon, subsequently reformed, occasionally helping out Static and the police, after doing his time in jail for taking vindictive actions against a record producer who stole his music and denied Adam the money and credit that he was owed.It is public knowledge that Adam is the Rubber-Band Man.Adam is also a talented musician, and is currently dating Virgil's sister, Sharon.Rubber-Band Man's brother is Ebon; before the Big Bang, Adam used to roll with his brother's crew before he took a stock-clerk job at a music store called Stonegas Records; Adam once described himself as "Theres no mystery, I'm my music. In the episode "Where the Rubber Meets the Road", he is seen to have struggled through a reading disorder.In his school days he was put into a "special learning program", where they showed him techniques, "A lot of stuff.

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